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“In times past, Tony’s was the central hub of life at The Collegiate,” says Collegiate Dean Robert Bend “Students met there to work, to plan, to debate, to eat, and to get to know each other. In Tony’s, teachers met with their students and each other; they even held small seminars around the tables at the back. Tony’s was a place where students and faculty bonded and it was there one could feel the spirit of The Collegiate.”

We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded our fundraising goal for our Leatherdale Hall Campaign! This would not have been possible without the generosity of our alumni, faculty, staff and friends of The University of Winnipeg and Collegiate. THANK YOU!

Did your time at The Collegiate, UWinnipeg or United College positively influence who you are today? Do you remember Tony’s and how it impacted your overall student experience?

Help us create a similar experience for a new generation of students!


What’s your memory of Tony’s? Is it a kind smile from across the room, a last minute cram session, or a flirty rendezvous with your crush from Calculus?


Named after Tony Kozyra, Tony’s Canteen was a meeting place for faculty, students and graduates. Hundreds of parties, college functions, and socials were planned at the original salmon-coloured tables in the basement of Wesley Hall. Whenever there were late-night events or students studying for exams, Tony kept the canteen open long after midnight and many graduates can still recall the free cup of coffee from Tony when he knew tuition was due.

Despite Tony’s passing in 1965, the canteen remained a fixture on campus until 2007 and was fondly recognized by students, faculty and staff. Once considered the heart of our campus it provided a strong sense of community and identity for many.

Group at Tony's
Without Tony’s, our student experience is not complete. While our school spirit remains in the halls and classrooms, there is no place where students from different grade levels can mix, no place where they can meet informally with their teachers, and no place for them to gather when not in class. We need to develop a new Tony’s that will foster and encourage the same range of student and faculty activity and interaction, so it can once again become the center of Collegiate life.

The longer we wait to fund this project, the more students will graduate without the Tony’s experience that brought such fond memories for so many of us.

For more information on this campaign, please click here.

If you don’t want to make a gift online, you can also send a cheque to:

The University of Winnipeg Foundation
901 - 491 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E4 Canada

*Note: Please make sure to mark your cheque for the "Capital Campaign" and your gift will be counted towards this important initiative!

OR Call toll-free: 1-866-394-6050

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