Past Projects

Past Projects

UWinnipeg Alumni Association 2SLGBTQ* Student Award

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2019 Axworthy Distinguished Lecture Series - Slavoj Žižek

The Axworthy Distinguished Lecture Series on Social Justice and the Public Good is pleased to announce its next speaker, Slavoj Žižek, on April 18, 2019 at 7pm in Riddell Hall.

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The Riley Lectures proudly presents: Dr. Tim Cook

The Riley Lectures in Canadian History is pleased to announce its next speaker, Dr. Tim Cook, on November 1, 2018 at 7pm at The University of Winnipeg.

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2018 Axworthy Distinguished Lecture Series - Anita Sarkeesian

The Axworthy Distinguished Lecture Series on Social Justice and the Public Good is pleased to announce its next speaker, Anita Sarkeesian, on November 16, 2018 at 7pm in Riddel Hall.

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The Judith F. Gainsbury Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing

After nearly 30 years of dedicated service and excellence, Dr. Neil Besner has announced that he will retire on July 1, 2017. To further his contributions to The University of Winnipeg, Besner has also donated $30,000 to create an endowment in support of his new scholarship, the Judith F. Gainsbury Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing.

$30,150.00 RAISED
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2017 CLASS Spring Institute - Murray Sinclair

The University of Winnipeg’s 50th Anniversary presents the campus community with an ideal moment to reflect back on 50 years of higher education, and to chart its course moving forward. To assist in this process, the CLASS Spring Institute will explore the relationship between the university and the public good.

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The University of Winnipeg Golden Key Chapter

Your support of our initiatives, be it $2 or $2,000, will make a big difference in our ability to maintain and continue to expand the services of our Golden Key Chapter at UWinnipeg.

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JDC West Business Competition - 2016

Participating in this prestigious event provides our business students with an academic experience that cannot be replicated in a classroom. The JDC West competition gives our students a leg up as they prepare to enter the business world, but it does come at a cost.

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Launch a Human Rights Speakers Bureau

Winnipeg has a vast array of knowledgeable quality speakers, and we want to showcase this immense talent as well as facilitate access to them. The Human Rights Hub and MARL have joined forces to launch a Human Rights Speakers Bureau for just this purpose.

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Honouring a Quiet Warrior

The recent death of Larry Morrissette is a major loss, not only to his family and friends but also to the many Indigenous and non-Indigenous people that he has worked closely with in recent decades in efforts to re-build Winnipeg’s inner city and revitalize Indigenous cultures.

$31,743.72 RAISED
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Fitness Classes for Newcomer Women

In partnership with UWinnipeg and the Axworthy Health & RecPlex, the Newcomer Soccer and Multi-Sport Academy is working with local refugee families to provide opportunities to participate in sport and other recreational activities that will help them adapt to their new life in Canada.

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Help Us Share Korean Culture

In conjunction with Chonnam National University, these students will participate in an exciting new field course that will enable them to experience Korean language and culture firsthand.

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Sustainably Saving Tomatoes

This study is aimed at testing whether soil nitrogen supplementation results in greater susceptibility of tomato plants to whitefly infestation, and if so, to what extent; and testing whether some varieties of tomato are more resistant or tolerant to whiteflies.

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The Golden Future South Africa Youth Empowerment Project 2016

Please help Reid Valmestad selflessly volunteer and work with at-risk youth in South Africa.

$2,438.14 RAISED
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Help Bring Back Tony's

$1,528,002.44 RAISED
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Salvadoran Voices of Manitoba

Our goal is to better understand how these stories are talked about within families and how they are transferred from generation to generation, the role this plays in the integration into Canadian society, and how society responds to refugees.

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Double The Impact Of Your Gift - Give To Entrance Scholarships Today

A donation to UWinnipeg’s Entrance Scholarships is a guaranteed investment in the future — helping today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.

$171,247.77 RAISED
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2017 CLASS Spring Institute & Axworthy Distinguished Lectures

$54,500.00 RAISED
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Support the UW Science Adventures Summer Camp

The Science Adventures Summer Camp provides an experience for children who may otherwise not be able to attend camp, and provides a space for them to practice social skills essential to growth as an individual while learning how to make positive choices in life. The more these kinds of experiences children can engage in, the more likely they are to grow up to be happy, healthy and responsible citizens in our community.

$6,000.00 RAISED
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Invest in Potential - Support MDP Students

MDP is committed to ensuring that the program is financially accessible to all qualified students. Our goal is to continue to offer the innovative and complex program that we do and to continue to increase our financial support to students. For this, we ask for your help.

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Support Student Field Course to Israel and the West Bank

Help 10 extraordinary UWinnipeg students travel to Israel and the West Bank and gain a greater understanding for what causes major conflict, and what effect great conflict can have on a community.

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Support New Open Forum for Social Justice and Public Good

This Lectureship is an exciting new initiative at The University of Winnipeg intended to provoke dialogues about social justice in an accessible, open forum and named in honour of former UWinnipeg President, Dr. Lloyd Axworthy.

$12,010.00 RAISED
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Support Innovative Wildlife Research

UWinnipeg Professor and Researcher Dr. Susan Lingle is making major breakthroughs in the research of animal behaviour.

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Revive The Library Space

The University of Winnipeg Library is a place of engagement, learning, and sanctuary. Many students remember our Library as not just somewhere to borrow books or study but as a source of great memories from their time at university.

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